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Maple Hills #3

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Dall’autrice bestseller di Icebreaker e Wildfire è in arrivo il terzo capitolo della serie maple Hills…



As a chronic procrastinator, Henry Turner always knew his junior year in college wasn’t going to be easy. That was before he made ice hockey captain as well as landing himself in a difficult class with his least favourite professor.

Thankfully, it’s then that Henry meets Halle, a fellow junior who he immediately befriends. Academic pressure has never been a struggle for Halle, but as an introverted people pleaser with a tendency to overcommit herself, she can’t help but offer to help Henry pass his class. In turn he offers to help make college life a little more inspiring – just the thing she needs as an aspiring novelist…

Failure isn’t an option for either of them but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little room for distraction…

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Release Date
27 Agosto 2024

Rom Com

Simon & Schuster UK

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