Hills of Shivers and Shadows

di Pam Godwin

Hills of Shivers and Shadows


Frozen Fate

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Pam Godwin, una delle autrici dark più amate nel panorama romance oltreoceano ci porta in Alaska con una nuovissima trilogia Dark Romance. Questo è uno tra i romance più attesi dell’anno!



Abducted and taken to a remote cabin in Alaska, Frankie finds herself at the mercy of four feral men, each with his own dark secrets and twisted desires.

With nowhere to run, she must rely on her wits to survive the harsh winter, trapped with them.

As she delves into their mysterious pasts, she uncovers an insidious evil that feeds on loyalty and uses love as a weapon.

Nothing is as it seems.

In this desolate world where the monsters are as beautiful as they are cruel, trust is elusive. They torment her, protect her, and keep her in the dark.

But to have any chance of escape, they must stand together.

Or fall prey to the evil in the hills of shivers and shadows.


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Release Date
12 Marzo 2024

Dark Romance

Self published

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